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FEMA Aid Available!

It you don't use it we will lose it.

WHAT: The services and  funds available through FEMA

If you suffered loss during the recent flooding in September, show up at 1310 Pennsylvania St in Beaumont, TX, Monday through Saturday from 8 am to 6 pm.


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Beaumont and Vidor Police Departments looking to hire new recruits

Beaumont Police Officer Haley Morrow said they’re hiring period closes on September the 30th. They’re looking to hire both experienced and rookie officers. Original Article Here All BPD Job Postings According to city officials, both the Beaumont and Vidor Police Department’s are looking to hire new recruits. Beaumont Police Officer, Haley Morrow, said the department’s […]

BISD Named Recipient of 21st Century Learning Grant

BISD has been named a recipient of the 21st Century Learning grant which will provide daily after-school programs in reading and math as well as enrichment and health-related activities at Blanchette, Charlton-Pollard, Martin, Jones Clark and Pietzch-MacArthur. https://bit.ly/2waHTOK

Special Thanks to All NAACP Members

Dear NAACP Member, I just would like to thank each of you who have joined our chapter this year 2018, or who have renewed membership or updated membership. It is because of your loyalty, commitment and dedication that we continue to fight the battles in our local community, state, and nation. So often we take […]

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There is currently a lack of reliable information on incidents of police misconduct in the US. Training on the NAACP All Alert system can increase public awareness of police misconduct by encouraging witnesses or victims of police misconduct to report such incidents to the Association.

The NAACP All Alert is an online reporting system that allows witnesses or victims of police misconduct to report such incidents to the Association. All Alert is a user-friendly online form that respondents can access and fill out using their cell phone or computer. Users are asked to provide as much detail as they can or choose to about the incident (i.e. race of victim, per- ceived motivation of incident, time and location of incident, information on officers involved,   etc.)

Law enforcement agencies can no longer be the only group reporting police misconduct. It is time to build a public awareness campaign that will inform people of their rights and how to use the All Alert System when reporting police misconduct. Only when people are informed of their rights and how to exercise them through reporting incidences of misconduct will society be forced to deal with the problems of police  misconduct.

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