What is the NAACP Doing?

Membership is the Life Blood of the NAACP

Beaumont Branch NAACP

3260 Washington Blvd.

Beaumont, TX 77704

Phone: 409-824-0294

Fax: 409-866-5113

Email: bmtnaacp@hotmail.com

“Fighting for Equality is a Journey Not a Destination”

Paul L. Jones, President


The NAACP Leadership have established a communication dialog with City Council, BISD Leaders, County Commission Court, Beaumont Police, News Media, Beaumont Chamber, Sheriff Department, Lamar University President, and Community and Religious Leaders. A summary of some of the work the NAACP is doing are as follows:


(1). In school suspension Program

(2). Tutorials (in school after school)

(3). After school transportation (tutorial athletic)

(4). Pupil /Teachers ratio (elementary, secondary)

(5). Reorganization of B.I.S.D. Police Dept.

(6). Working to make the Beaumont Police Dept. look like the community it serves, body cameras for all officers, openness and trust building with the community.

(7). Meeting regularly with the Chamber about the power of diversity & how to improve it in our community.

(8). Advocated for increased diversity in both public and private sector employers.

(9). Hosted and Co-hosted get out and vote (GOTV), voter registrations and meet the candidate forums.

(10). Participated and hosted town hall meetings on criminal justice reform &police – community relations.

(11). One of the panelist on a one hour live broadcast (TV6) on race relations in South- east Texas.

(12). Awarded four (4) college scholarships to local students.

(13). Gave out Thanksgiving and Christmas baskets to the needy.

(14) Handle racial and discrimination complaints on a regular basis & continue to stand against all forms of injustice. For more information about the NAACP please visit www.naacp.org

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