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Response to Ferguson Decision

Local NAACP Leadership Response to Ferguson Decision By Paul Jones – President Sadly, it has happened again…. Once again, we have been disappointed by the failure of the Criminal Justice system to return a verdict that affirms the humanity of our young men. As tragic as this decision is, unfortunately, it was not entirely unexpected. Furthermore, […]

Preventing Another Ferguson

What are we doing to prevent another Ferguson in Beaumont Texas?   Disparities in governance process, hiring practices, Under-representation of African Americans in policy-making, Trust and Training are areas that we must address if we are to reduce the chances of what is happening in other cities from becoming major problems in our city. When […]

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New videos and publications are up! A commercial spot for the NAACP is viewable on the home page, and a video of the speakers for the 2014 Freedom Fund Banquet can be found on the Freedom Fund Banquet page. The Freedom Fund Banquet catalog is also available to read online here.

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There is currently a lack of reliable information on incidents of police misconduct in the US. Training on the NAACP All Alert system can increase public awareness of police misconduct by encouraging witnesses or victims of police misconduct to report such incidents to the Association.

The NAACP All Alert is an online reporting system that allows witnesses or victims of police misconduct to report such incidents to the Association. All Alert is a user-friendly online form that respondents can access and fill out using their cell phone or computer. Users are asked to provide as much detail as they can or choose to about the incident (i.e. race of victim, per- ceived motivation of incident, time and location of incident, information on officers involved,   etc.)

Law enforcement agencies can no longer be the only group reporting police misconduct. It is time to build a public awareness campaign that will inform people of their rights and how to use the All Alert System when reporting police misconduct. Only when people are informed of their rights and how to exercise them through reporting incidences of misconduct will society be forced to deal with the problems of police  misconduct.

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