Homeowner Assistance Program

Here is information on HAP (Homeowner Assistance Program).  Included are some links to the web sites where you can get additional information needed for HAP
One of the links is to a Facebook page giving information on a meeting the city will be holding at the Willard library on Lucas St March 30.  
The second link has the address of the Local Office on Orleans St. where you can fill out an application in person. 
The third link is to the Regional Office's website.
Also include are (2) attachments.  One is the HAP application form and the other is a flyer for the program that includes information on the documents that will help you complete the application. 
Here is the link to the FB page about the meeting on March 30.
Here is the link to the Local Office and their web site. .
Here is the link to the Regional Office and their web site.
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